In this episode of Spaces, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays leaves its mark on a Northeast Minneapolis building that has been dubbed "The Railroad Hippie Hideout". The former Catholic school, now SGGR rehearsal-recording-art space, is facing the wrecking ball - and the landlord has no plans to save it. SGGR and the other tenants are left searching for a new space. The man, man. Damn the man.

>Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

A Ghost to Find

Brianna Kocka - Vocals
Mitch Miller - Drums
Paul Flynn - Guitar
Brian Gollnick - Bass
Peter Bregman - Keys

Nate Matson - Producer | Camera Operator/Editor
Angela Matson - Camera Operator | Assistant Producer
Ryan Melling - Director of Photography
Jeff Marcovis - Audio Engineer
Paul Conigliaro - Motion Graphics
Andrea Bursott - Camera Operator