Minneapolis cabinetmaker-songwriter Sam Cassidy and his band stop by the Summer-Winter Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. Summer-Winter is housed in a giant building that used to be a mattress factory. Now it's a multi-use space. If you drove by, you'd think it was still a mattress factory.

>Sam Cassidy

>Summer-Winter Studio

"Tell Him" 
"Hard Road" 

Sam Cassidy - Vocals & Guitar
Robert Skoro - Bass
Steve Bosmans - Lead Guitar
Jeremy Hanson - Drums
Mark Hanson - Acoustic Guitar
Hicks - Keys & Piano

Nate Matson - Producer | Editor | Camera Operator
Ryan Melling - Director of Photography
Angela Matson - Camera Operator
Jeff Marcovis - Audio Engineer | Mixer
Mark Brodin - Audio Engineer | Technical Advisor | Audio Gear
Paul Conigliaro - Graphics